Having a garage is perhaps the best way to protect your vehicles from ever changing weather conditions. Adding a garage onto your home not only protects your car and provides much needed extra storage, but it also raises the value of your home.



Garages, whether they be detached or attached, have become a luxury for many, but some homeowners are still debating whether to add one or the other to their current residence. Whether you want a covered space to park your car every night or just extra storage, a detached or attached garage is the perfect solution.

Detached and attached garages have numerous benefits. While each essentially serve the same purpose, depending on your lot size, intentions and budget, one option always prevails.

attached garage


Clearly, the key advantage of having an attached garage is convenience. To get to your car or that valuable storage space, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. As you can imagine, this can be very valuable in many areas of the country.

Secondly, adding an attached garage to your current residence lets you or the contractor utilize pre-existing walls in the construction process This will not only save you a little money on construction, but money on HVAC and ventilation. All garages must be ventilated, but attached garages are much easier and cheaper to do so.

Thirdly, for those homeowners looking to use the garage as a workspace, electricity is already present in the home and can easily expand to the garage. The same process is much harder when dealing with a detached garage.

Finally, as will be the case with a detached garage as well, attached garages give homeowners a place for their cars, extra storage or even extravagant man caves.

detached grage


We also mentioned that many lots, including those in downtown areas, lend themselves to detached garages. A narrow lot that stretches far back towards an alley is a natural fit for a detached garage. Additionally, another common theme of detached garages downtown is the living space above it. Many homeowners add a unique patio or deck above the detached garage, giving homeowners more space to host parties or get-togethers. This can turn into valuable space if you don’t have a front or backyard.

On top of the health and security issues, detached garages are also easier to expand. Expanding your detached garage is much easier than enlarging your attached garage.

Overall, detached and attached garages serve the same purpose. They give you a designated, covered spot for your car every night and provide a little extra storage (something we all could use). However, depending on the area, your budget and your wish list, one option is almost always the right answer. Which one are you going to choose?

Our team will work with you to custom create and build the best garage for your needs, keeping it as both a functional and beautiful new addition to your home.