C & S Building & Renovations has a team of designers, carpenters, tile-setters, painters, plumbers and electricians to assist in creating your dream kitchen. We will work within your budget to achieve your personal taste in your home kitchen remodeling plans. We offer unique design services by experienced craftsmen with great kitchen remodeling ideas. The expertise of our staff will offer kitchen remodeling tips and guide you to the best decisions for your specific kitchen remodel. You deserve the best.

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C& S Building & Renovations will incorporate your unique design ideas with their experienced suggestions for quality results. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or timeless, we can help you choose the best materials for your innovative kitchen remodel design. At C & S, we give kitchen remodeling tips to spark the design and nature of a room. We can add paint and wall coverings for color impact as well as accenting your style with bold or brilliant lighting fixtures that add ambiance to any room.

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C & S Building & Renovations has a custom cabinet maker ready to assemble your perfect kitchen remodeling plans, or you can choose from an array of ready-made kitchen cabinets. Select your choice of wood, cabinet style, and stain or paint color. The best plan for your kitchen may be a combination of the two types of custom-made and ready-made cabinets. We suggest slide-out drawers for convenience and islands designed to adapt to your family’s needs. Also note, desks are out and media centers are in and we are able to build to suit your kitchen remodel. Next, your electric cords can be inside a cabinet to save space and establish a tidy look. You can have it your way.


C & S Building & Renovations will develop plans to maximize your existing space and can easily move a wall to borrow space from a closet or another room to expand useful kitchen area. Our kitchen remodeling contractors have ideas for utilizing every nook and crannies to the best advantage such as wall space under a window, shelves for bare wall spaces, roll-out bins, wire racks above the sink, and in-wall cabinets for canned goods storage. You can accomplish greater things in less time in your new step-saving, well organized kitchen. At C & S, we have many ideas to share with you for small kitchen remodeling so that your kitchen will not only be cozy, but will satisfactorily meet your needs. You can be fancy-free to enjoy creating your favorite recipes for your family.

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C & S Building & Renovations is well qualified to design and customize your kitchen remodel according to all your specifications. You may use tile, metal or glass backsplashes to add beauty and provide low maintenance for your counter areas. Special lighting is a wonderful asset to your kitchen and easy on the eyes. The cabinet doors above the refrigerator can be taken out, the back finished, and you can put in a TV, and can install a system for fresh filtered water for your family’s best health. Your kitchen remodel design can be customized to any shape or style island to best suit the space and use of your home. These are just a few suggestions to get you started; at C & S we have so much more for you. Treat yourself, you have it coming.


C & S Building & Renovations will supply innovative conceptions to expand your thoughts of the perfect kitchen remodel beyond your wildest imagination. They can start with your thoughts and work towards the ideal kitchen remodel design for your home. If you need suggestions or assistance with any aspect, C & S is brimming with ideas for you and very capable to fulfill your home kitchen remodeling needs. Try us, you’ll like us.



C & S Building & Renovations has an excellent reputation and has been serving the Gulf Coast for ten years with several years of previous experience in a northern state. We attract the best talented craftsman by promoting high-quality workmanship and we are proud to be the best-known home improvement contractors in the area. At C & S, we premier the highest quality materials and workmanship to obtain desirable results for our many happy customers. We raise the bar to effect impeccable installation for high standard results. We will be there every day to keep your home remodeling project moving along to completion so your home won’t be “up-side-down” any longer than necessary. We consider accommodating your time schedule one of our priorities. With C & S, you’ll find uncompromising service at competitive prices. We aim higher because we aim to please you, our customer.


The first step is to call C & S Building & Renovations and schedule your free in-home estimate. We will arrange a convenient time to meet and discuss plans and ideas to develop your kitchen remodeling goals. You will be provided an upfront, timely, and sensible estimate complete with a breakdown of materials and labor. At C & S, we are prepared to answer all your questions and provide the information you need. So what are you waiting for?



At C & S Building & Renovations, we realize a kitchen remodel may seem like a big step and you have concerns about expenses. We are responsive to your kitchen remodeling needs and sensitive to your family’s budget. You can furnish us a total price and we will discuss with you the best solutions to attain those boundaries and satisfy your home kitchen remodeling plan. We promise to make every effort to stay within the allotted amount, barring any unforeseen developments. At C & S, we help you make your remodeling dreams come true.