Vinyl Siding

Choosing Siding that provides the greatest energy efficiency and therefore the greatest savings on energy bills is easy; the Department of Energy sets the rigorous standards and C&S Building and Renovations has the right products to meet or exceed those standards. We’ve done the work for you.

We carry siding rated to withstand winds of 250 miles per hour!


C&S Building and Renovations Vinyl Siding

Trust C&S to bring you the siding products that resist the intense Florida sun and have excellent color fade warranties. In addition these same products have some of the highest wind ratings of any siding products available.

Have a rep come to your home for free and show you the beautiful siding colors you can choose from to bring lasting value to your greatest investment.

Our 0.050" Heavy gauge siding panels can handle stronger wind loads, as well as add a more rigid finish to your home’s exterior.

Put that brush away and see how easy it is to save money on painting, peeling, and wood rot forever!

DaVinci™ Exterior Color Inspiration

davinci20DaVinci™ siding delivers a timeless, elegant style with deep, long-lasting colors. Unlike other processes that can scratch, DaVinci’s™ dark color is produced using the highest quality pigments that are saturated throughout the panel to ensure it is always rich and lasting.

The inspiring color palette of DaVinci™ features some of the most time-tested hues. These distinctive, yet classic colors are guaranteed to set any home apart from the rest.


davinci profile


1. Premium gauge thickness for added impact resistance.

2. Exclusive Colorfast™ formulation locks-in the color for superior retention.

3. Exclusive Duratron™ vinyl technology for long lasting durability.


Lasting beauty that reflects your unique style.

Deep,dark,fade-resistant colors in the latest designer styles.
Color-permeated panel with highest quality pigments that won't scratch.
Authentic wood grain textures and low-gloss finish.
Deep, rich shadow lines provide depth and dimension.
Complete assortment of color-coordinated trims and accessories.

Exceptional performance in all types of environments.

Made with top quality ingredients and state-of-the-art process.
Special patented Duration™ Vinyl Formula.
Heavy-duty thick panel (0.046") for extra strength and durability.
100% UV protection for fade resistance and color retention.
Secure locking system.

Extreme performance and beauty that's worry-free.

Exceeds national building standards for impact, expansion and contraction.
Extraordinary dark colors that won't fade, scratch or chip.
Cost effective and backed by a limited lifetime, transferable warranty.
Easy maintenance. Just hose it down to clean.

Richmond™ Comfort and Tradition

siding21Richmond™ combines the time honored styling of 6” lap siding with ultra durable vinyl for ageless beauty and long-lasting elegance. With its subtle, realistic woodgrain texture and low-gloss finish, Richmond™ captures the essence of traditional craftsmanship. Richmond™ siding always makes a bold statement with its rich palette of distinctive, heritage colors and perfectly matched trims. The color is infused all the way through so your Richmond™ siding won’t chip or fade. Richmond™. The authentic, historic look you are searching for with the peace of mind that it will last for many years to come.


richmond siding

1. Double-thick Cyclone-System™ nail hem for extra rigidity and wind resistance.

2. Heavy gauge thickness panels for exceptional impact resistance.

3. Full, ¾” profile provides dramatic shadow lines for an authentic look.

4. Chromalock™ vinyl technology locks in color.






Greensense Banner


The GreenSENSE Leaf

Thegreensense leaf GreenSENSE Leaf is the official mark for our GreenSENSE Certified Products. Look for it on our product pages and various places throughout our website to see which products are GreenSENSE certified and can contribute to various green building programs.



What is GreenSENSE?

greensense01The GreenSENSE™ program was developed by our manufactures employees with one goal in mind; to enable our customers and colleagues to engage in more socially, economically and environmentally responsible practices. The GreenSENSE™ philosophy has been applied from our manufacturing processes all the way through to our day to day tasks. The GreenSENSE™ program ensures a steady commitment to developing and implementing environmentally friendly practices for our customers and employees. Take a few minutes to explore the pillars that make up our GreenSENSE™ program. Each pillar represents an essential building block in the GreenSENSE™ initiative.

Social Responsibility

plant We pride ourselves on our long standing commitment to a variety of local, national and global charities. We greatly value our employees, customers and local communities and are constantly looking to actively participate and support them. We strive to improve the world around us with new ideas and innovations in order to help ourselves, our friends and the environment.


Waste Reduction

plastic Generating waste on the production line is an inevitable consequence in any manufacturing environment. Vinyl and aluminum are no exception to this rule. That’s why extensive research and development in reducing the waste generated in our facilities. 100% of waste generated from the production of vinyl products is reground and re-inserted into the manufacturing process. All scrap generated from aluminum products are recycled as well. We have developed processes to ensure that we are efficient, economical and environmental with all of our raw materials.

Looking at the big picture, once our products are on the job site vinyl siding only contributes an average of 1.9% of the total construction waste of a project. This amount is minimal when compared to alternative cladding options. Our vinyl siding also stands up strong against the elements and will last for decades.

Location & Transport

map Our Manufacture operates 5 million square feet of manufacturing space in 11 facilities across North America. Add 60 distribution centers strategically located to best serve our customers and has a local presence in every key market on the continent. These locations help us, our customers and the environment. With lower fuel costs to transport materials and a strong infrastructure with efficient scheduling, our time in transit has been brought to a minimum.

These manufacturing facilities are strategically located throughout North America in order to reduce fuel consumption and to make the lives of our customers and end-users easier. Our facilities are within a 500 mile radius of our major markets ensuring that we are ideally placed to better serve our users in a timely, efficient and ecologically friendly manner.


boxes Packaging used for vinyl products is extremely lightweight and requires little energy to produce. Our Manufacture packaging also uses recycled material to ensure that each element of our product, from start to finish, has the smallest ecological footprint possible.